Cirencester Civic Society

The Civic Society began installing Blue plaques as a Millennium project in 1999. Most of the plaques are dark blue and give a brief description of the building and its historical importance. There are a large number of historic buildings in Cirencester-some owners have erected their own plaques or chose not to allow the Society to erect one. We are constantly adding more plaques and have recently erected seven purple coloured plaques to mark significant sites from Corinium the Roman town- which are included in the list (Nos. 11,12,13,14,16,19, and 37), together with two light blue plaques (Nos. 3 and 20) which commemorate local people who have lived in the town.

Go to PLACE MAP page and use the drop down menu to select plaque map.

The map enables visitors to take a self guided walk around the Town and stop at each plaque to read a little more about each one.