Cirencester Civic Society

Place name
Barton Lane No 2 - St. Lawrences Hospital
Barton Lane Nos 24-26
Castle Street No 14
Castle Street No 23
Castle Street No 4 - Ram Inn
Castle Street Nos 19-21
Cecily Hill - The Barracks
City Bank Road - South East Gate
Coxwell Street - The former Baptist Chapel
Coxwell Street - Woolgatherers
Coxwell Street No 10
Cricklade St/Lewis Lane-Sea Level mark
Cricklade Street/Lewis Lane- Junction of Ermin Way and Akeman Street
Dollar Street - J. Rothschild House
Dollar Street No 2
Dyer Street - Bingham House
Dyer Street - Gloucester House
Dyer Street - No 74
Dyer Street-The Four Seasons mosaic-
Gloucester Street - Barton Hall
Gloucester Street No 27
Gloucester Street No 33
Gloucester Street Nos 114 - 118
Gloucester Street-The Old House
Lewis Lane/South Way
London Road - North East Gate
Market Place - 11 to 17 Market Place
Market Place - 19 Market Place
Market Place - Corn Hall
Market Place - CoZy Powell
Market Place - Fleece Inn
Market Place – Kings Head
New Brewery Arts - Hands Sculpture
Park Street - Dunstall House
Park Street- Abberley House & Corinium Museum
Park Street No 23
Querns Hill - South West Gate
Querns Lane
Riverside Walk, Thomas Street-Cirencester Open Air Pool
Sheep Street No. 25- Grace Hadow
Sheep Street - The Old Town Station
South Way
Spitalgate - North West Gate
Thomas Street - The Mead House
Thomas Street - The Salvation Army Hall
Thomas Street - Woolgatherers
Trinity Road

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