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28 January 2020Trail of the Plaques in Cirencester
18 January 202010 Coxwell Street- plaque
23 November 2019Projects 2019/20
26 September 2019Autumn Newsletter
15 July 2019Town Walk around Gloucester
09 July 2019Town Walk for Gloucester Civic Trust
20 June 2019Buscot House Visit
12 June 2019New meeting venue
14 May 2019Gardeners Question Time
29 April 2019St. Thomas's Hospice, Thomas Street- visit
12 April 2019Place Check 2018- Final Report
18 March 2019Design Award 2018- Gunstool Brook Bridge
18 March 2019Annual General Meeting- 18th March 2019
30 November 2018A guide to the Blue plaques in Cirencester
25 November 2018Projects completed in 2018
05 November 2018Sea Level plaque- Cricklade Street
04 November 2018Coxwell Street- new street lights
03 October 2018Autumn 2018 newsletter
06 September 2018Gloucester House, Dyer Street- mosiac
24 July 2018Rendcomb College Visit- 24th July
15 June 2018Civic Pride- Place Check -Town Centre
14 June 2018Civic Voice Design Awards 2018
12 June 2018Visit to The Mansion
12 April 2018Civic Pride Grants scheme
03 April 2018Canal Wharf Plaque
20 March 2018President- 2018
26 February 2018Abbey 900- 3D models
06 February 2018Grace Hadow Plaque
17 December 2017Data protection legislation
21 November 2017Membership Application Form
04 November 2017Derek Waring- President
15 July 2017Hidden Gardens in Town
20 June 2017Visit to Rodmarton Manor House and Gardens
28 May 2017Newsletter-June 2017
27 May 2017LEGO abbey in the Parish Church
18 May 2017Charitable funds- expenditure
24 July 201650th anniversary lunch-20th July
19 March 2016175th anniversary of Old Town Railway Station

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Trail of the Plaques in Cirencester
Tuesday 28 January 2020

A new feature on the website is a map of all the blue plaques and the purple plaques around the Town, go to PLACE MAP page and use the drop down menu to select map.

You can see the location of all the plaques and then get more information about each individual plaque by "clicking on" to each one in turn.

The dark blue plaques are mainly historic buildings and the light blue plaques commemorate people associated with particular buildings in Cirencester.

The purple plaques mark the significant locations of Corinium the second largest Roman town in England from AD 43 to c 425.